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Get up to 8 community service hours by volunteering for the first ever Levee Fest on June 10th, 2017. This is a family fun event on the Armourdale Levee Trail located just off of 18th St and Kansas Ave. along the Kansas River. We need people to help set up, provide information, staff activity centers and  tear down and clean up. Come out and get some quality service hours and be a part of this first ever, one-of-a-kind event. Call Rick Behrens at 816-807-6931 to sign up or for more information.


Harmon Parents,


It is extremely important that you electronically re-enroll your student for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year on our website or Face Book.  This process allows the district to gather an accurate count of how many students will be enrolled in the district next year, and which schools they will be attending.  This information will allow the district to ensure that each classroom and building is fully staffed.


 If you need assistance or need access to a computer, our computer labs will be available tomorrow on Tuesday January 31st and Thursday February 2nd from 3:30 pm until 7:30 pm or on Wednesday February 1st from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.  If you are changing your address, please bring proof of address with you as your registration will not be approved without it.  You will need your student's I.D. number and an email address to complete the process.  Please call the school for help with any questions.






All lockers made available for student use on the school premises are the property of the school district.  These lockers are made available for student use to store school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.  These lockers are not to be used to store items which cause, or can reasonably be foreseen to cause, an interference with school purposes or an educational function or which are forbidden by state law or school rules.

The student's use of the locker does not diminish the school district's ownership or control over those items. The school district retains the right to inspect the locker and its contents to insure that the locker is being used in accordance with their intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards, maintain sanitary conditions, attempt to locate lost or stolen material and to prevent use of the locker to store prohibited or dangerous materials such as weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.


Locker space with built-in combination locks is provided to each student on a voluntary basis within the following guidelines:

  1. Students are assigned locker space.
  2. Only school issued combination padlocks will be permitted.
  3. The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage to any item in a locker, locked or unlocked.
  4. Drinks and food items are not to be kept in lockers at any time.

Each student will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year.  Students should keep their lockers locked at all times.  Students should not share lockers or use other students' lockers - unless assignment is made by the office or student advisor.  Students should not write in or on lockers.  Decals and similar materials are not to be placed inside or outside.  Students are encouraged to keep their lockers cleaned out. 

Locker Rules

In order to implement the school district's policy concerning student lockers, the school uses the following rules and regulations as a guideline:

    1.    Locks:

            The school district will retain access to student lockers by keeping a master key.  Students may not use their own locks to prevent access to lockers by school officials.  Any unauthorized locks may be removed without notice and destroyed.

    2.    Inspection of All Lockers:

        A.    An inspection of all lockers in the school, or all lockers in a particular area of the school, and may be conducted if the principal, superintendent or assistant superintendent reasonably believes that such an inspection is necessary to prevent, impede of substantially reduce the risk of (1) an interference with school purposes or educational function, (2) a physical injury or illness to any person, (3) damage to personal or school property, or (4) a violation of state or school rules.  Examples of circumstances justifying a general inspection of a number of lockers or desks include the following:

            (1)    When the school receives a bomb threat;

            (2)    When evidence of drug or alcohol use creates a reasonable belief of an unusually high level of student use;

            (3)    At mid-term, end of grading period, and before school holidays to check for missing library books, missing materials, lab chemicals, or   school equipment;

            (4)    Where student violence or threats of violence create a reasonable belief that weapons are stored in the lockers.

       B.    If a general inspection of a number of lockers is necessary, then all lockers in the defined inspection area will be examined.  Students will not necessarily be given the opportunity to be present while a general inspection is being conducted.

    3.    Involvement of Law Enforcement Officials:

        A.    The principal, superintendent or assistant superintendent may request the assistance of law enforcement officials to assist the school administrators in inspecting lockers or desks or their contents for purposes of enforcing school policies only if such assistance is required

            (1)    to identify substances which may be found in the lockers

            (2)    to protect the health and safety of persons or property, such as to aid in the discovery and disarming of bombs, which may be located in the lockers.

    4.    Locker Maintenance:

            Nothing in these rules shall affect members of the custodial staff who, at the direction of the principal, clean out (a) lockers from time to time in accordance with general housekeeping schedule or (b) the locker of the student no longer enrolled in the school.  Further, the custodial staff may open a student's locker during any vacation period if they have reason to believe such locker contains rotting, spoiling, or mildewing items such as food, wet clothes, etc.

    5.    Publication of Rules:

Copies of the rules shall be posted on School Loop and other prominent places generally used for announcements to students.