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  Laptop Check-In Plan Dates

  • May 5th & 9th: Seniors
  • May 11th & 12th: Freshman
  • May 12th & 16th: Sophomores
  • May 16th & 18th:  Juniors
  • May 19th: Makeups

-Roll In will take place during advisory periods only.

-Administration will call for your class when we are ready for you.

-Students should be aware that the files on their laptop will be removed. They should BACK THEM UP  on flash drives or in "the cloud".

- Seniors who do not turn in their laptop and pay for any damage cannot walk at graduation.

- Students who do not turn in their laptops when required will be considered in possession of stolen property.

- In the fall, only new freshmen will receive a laptop bag.

Posted by: Norm Sedillo Published:5/4/17
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