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Test Day Tips - State Assessments SOs and JRs

Parents and Students,


The State Assessment for Sophomores and Juniors is next week, (Tuesday - Friday) March 28th - 31st!

Test Day Tips

·         Get plenty of rest the night before each test day.  Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test and avoid being late.  Your laptop should be FULLY charged but bring your charger just in case.

·         Dress comfortably. Some classrooms are warmer or cooler than others. Consider dressing in layers, so you'll be comfortable no matter what the room conditions are.

·         Please reschedule any dentist or doctor appointments.  Testing should not be interrupted by students being picked up to go home.

·         Be ready to begin testing after everyone has been checked in and seated.

·         Students will be asked to turn off and then turn in their cell phones.  Please consider leaving these items at home.

Posted by: Norm Sedillo Published:3/25/17
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