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  Laptop Check-In Plan Dates

  • May 5th & 9th: Seniors
  • May 11th & 12th: Freshman
  • May 12th & 16th: Sophomores
  • May 16th & 18th:  Juniors
  • May 19th: Makeups

-Roll In will take place during advisory periods only.

-Administration will call for your class when we are ready for you.

-Students should be aware that the files on their laptop will be removed. They should BACK THEM UP  on flash drives or in "the cloud".

- Seniors who do not turn in their laptop and pay for any damage cannot walk at graduation.

- Students who do not turn in their laptops when required will be considered in possession of stolen property.

- In the fall, only new freshmen will receive a laptop bag.


JC Harmon Families,


Going forward, you will receive a call from our automated system EACH TIME your student is not in their class when roll call is taken.  If your student is chronically tardy or skipping this may result in being counted absent causing the system to call you, possibly multiple times per day.  Please talk with your student about the importance of arriving to class on time.  If you receive a call, it means that your student was not in class at the time that roll call was taken.


Please call the school with any concerns or questions.


Click the link below to watch the Acceptable Use Policy.  All students and their parents are to watch this before receiving a laptop from the district.